Ruben Joshua
More than music

Music and Gear

Music: the following music is not unknown to me:

  • Bethel Music
  • Jesus Culture
  • Hillsong (United)
  • Soul Survivor
  • Opwekking
  • many other Christian Contemporary Music

Gear: Not to show off but just to show you what I use to produce the guitar sounds I so dearly love. Good tone is paramount and it's shaping is an endless journey.

  • Amp : Mesa Boogie Blue Angel 4x10 combo
  • Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Std. , Taylor 214e , Fender Telecaster American Std. 
  • Effects (signal path ): TC electronics Tuner, JT Archer, Lovepedal AMP11, EHX Soulfood, Diamond MemoryLane Jr. Delay , Strymon Bigsky Reverb, TC Electronics Ditto Looper.